Episode 9 - Sprechen

Get some exercise! - Beweg dich!

Es war so schön! - Do you enjoy remembering good times? - We emphasized the indicators of time.
Get some exercise in a romantic mood and accompany it by repeating the text.

Start the audio file and concentrate on moving your chest - while dancing, if you like.

Mach diese Übungen, sooft du Lust hast.
Do this exercise whenever and as often as you like. Remember to move your body while working with the computer. It's good for your health - and rhythm and movement help you to remember words and structures.
And it makes you come out of your shell - to be ready to speak.

If you can't stand up, do small movements on your chair.

Beweg dich!


letzte Woche
letzten Monat
letztes Jahr


war es schön
im Frühling
im Sommer
im Herbst
im Winter
kostenlose Statistik