Episode 6 - Aussprache

Assimilation (2)

When you are combining consonants in words or syllables, they sometimes change their character.
Listen to the pronunciation of the following words or sentences. Pay special attention to the pronunciation of the letters which are emphasized. The first audio file gives you the correct pronunciation.
The second one gives you an incorrect pronunciation.

  correct pronunciation incorrect pronunciation
Kommst du bitte mal!
Klaus besucht jetzt wieder das Seminar.

Did you hear it? The voiceless consonants (-s, -t) "affect" the following voiced consonants which lose voice. This type of assimilation is called "progressive assimilation". The first letter affects the second. The examples of wrong pronunciation are all examples of "regressive assimilation". In this case, the second, voiced consonant affects the preceding one. Does your
language prefer progressive or regressive assimilation? For good German pronunciation it's very important to respect progressive assimilation! Otherwise you will have a strong accent!

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