Episode 4 - Reading / Listening

Wo ist der Bankautomat?

We are in Halle (Sachsen-Anhalt, eastern Germany), the city where Georg Friedrich Händel (George Frideric Handel), the great baroque composer, was born in 1685. The woman - a tourist who is in Halle to celebrate the Händel/Handel year - is looking for a cash dispenser. It is night, she needs money to pay for a taxi.
The man who answers speaks with an accent from Saxony. Maybe you will not understand every word. But you should get the sense.
Which way does she have to go to get money? Listen to the audio file and tick the right answer.

Did you loose your orientation? Then have a look at the text. You can find it here.
Do you like to know more about Händel? He spent a lot of his life in London where he died in 1759. Click here to listen to a sample of his music. (Click on the speaker icon).


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