Episode 3 - Imagination.beta

This exercise is inspired by the Italian Jesuit priest Matteo Ricci. In 1596 Matteo Ricci, contemporary of Giordano Bruno, another memory artist, taught the Chinese how to build a memory palace. His mental castle has become something like his trade mark.
For everything that we want to remember, wrote Ricci, we should think of an image; and to every one of these images we should give a position where it can peacefully stay until we are ready to reclaim it by an act of memory.
Would you like to try this technique when you have to remember the gender of German nouns? - So start the audio file and follow the voice.

Enjoy it - and let us know how it works. (16 mins)

When you build your own memory palace, keep in mind that it works better when you
- show similarities as striking as possible
- give your image exceptional beauty or singular ugliness or comic effects or simply: emotions
- set up images which are active and concrete (you'll know how it works after this exercise)
- apply your five senses


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