Start - Imagination

Now you are going to do a very efficient exercise. Start the audio file, close your eyes and follow the voice. Enjoy it! (7 mins) Make sure that you aren't disturbed during the exercise.

This kind of exercise is new in self-tuition - and even in the classroom.
We tried it out with our students many times - and it works very well. It's a simulation of an experience which uses the different channels of perception. You should always do it after the reading and listening exercises. It helps you to remember words and structures, to pronounce properly, to overcome any fear and to make you speaking German a pleasure. You should try to imagine it as lively and intensely as possible. If you can't concentrate: don't worry! Follow your imagination. That's okay. If you like to repeat: do it whenever you want! 

Eileen Küpper / Eileen Kuepper / Eileen Kupper

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